This section contains frequently asked questions, related to ZineShine. If you cannot find an answer to your question, make sure to contact us.

General questions
No. We can generate an app for you only if you are the owner or have permission from the owners of the publications.
No, all plans include app generation for free.
Yes, anytime. Remember that if you go to a lower plan, and you have more publications that the plan permits, the last ones will be deleted.
Yes, anytime. Current visits will be charged before proceeding to delete your account.
We use Paypal as a payment platform. It’s one of the world’s most widely used payment processing services.
Only when a service is charged (i.e.: your app is being published or you have reached your monthly magazine's visits). We won't save your credit card information in our services, it's all managed by Paypal.
When a service is charged, we will send you the corresponding invoice.
Your app
During the sign up process, we will ask you for all the necessary information at that time.
You have to meet Apple and Google requirements for their Stores in order to be approved by them. Obviously, being the owner or having proper permissions is a must, but remember that it is up to them to approve or deny your publications. Please read the guidelines from Apple and Google.
It's up to Apple (or Google) to accept or reject any app in their Store. But if you have met their requirements, maybe it’s been misunderstood. In that case, we will help you to appeal, and ask you for any further information they request from you.
If in their opinion, the content of your app does not satisfy their requirements, nothing more can be done. As we have committed to not to charge you until the app is approved by them, we won't charge you anything. If one of them (Apple or Google) approves your publications and the other does not, you can decide if you want to continue with our services (but only with the approved app) or unsubscribe.
Your publication
A very good original PDF quality is a must if you want good results. Please make certain your original PDF has sufficient quality.
Yes, you can decide if you want to have all your magazines in one app, or have multiple apps, one for each of them. Remember that if you have more than one app, we will treat each app (with their corresponding plan and "pay as you go" service) as a single service. Billing can be joined if you want.